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About us

Require A Trade was constructed and moulded into becoming a platform that helps users and employees find each other quickly and effectively.

The purpose of our project is to fill up all available job spaces. To help employers and employees find each other and in turn reach their goals they have set for themselves.

Require A Trade was created in accordance to recommendations made by specialists, questionnaires answered by groups of people and most importantly- by using the experiences we have encountered in everyday life.

Meticulously gathered data and surveys helped us craft this project that is now balanced and simplified by using the most optimal yet minimum amount of information, allowing you to find what you need efficiently, saving your precious time and demanding little effort.

The most current and modern internet-based projects and companies are full of unnecessary information which we neither want to read nor have the time for, therefore we can promise you that we provide you with only the information you need, leading you straight to your purpose.
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