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Require a trade? | Business user

Business user

Do you require a trade, a professional or just a labourer? Require A Trade will happily help you find the best person to satisfy your needs.

Our project consists of a large data base of skilled professionals and other tradesmen who are looking for work.

In your case, Requireatrade works like an free of charge employment agency with a vast database of registered people, where you can act as the boss by finding and communicating with professionals. With only a few clicks, you can post a job with a description of your requirements to be accessed by all of your selected trades/professionals.

The significant difference between "" and an employment agency is that you have full control when searching for and employing people, and you can do this via our database without spending any extra money.

Once registered to our site you have complete freedom without any restrictions to access registered people within our Require A Trade database.

All tradesmen/professionals and individuals with specific skill sets are registered in our system that is linked to a map, therefore you will have the facility to find somebody not only matching your requirements, but also within appropriate distance from your desired location.This will help you and the employee figure out travel details and accessibility, which can be a frustrating task when trying to find the right person, but also having to consider their location.

Taking into consideration feedback and recommendations that we receive, registered tradespeople/ professionals and skilled individuals will be rated from 1 to 5 stars, we hope this will help you select the right person for the job.

We are prepared and ready to help you fill up your vacant jobs!