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For Trade people

Require a trade is a platform that orients itself around sole professionals who are seeking out the odd additional job in their spare time, or even constant work. We will recommend you for both small and large clients; therefore, the demand for your work will have potential to significantly grow.

So, if you are looking for work or you’d like to earn some extra money, we will provide you with all the right tools (well, you will be the one equipped with tools, and we will find good use for them!). Your budget will depend entirely on your preferences, and can grow significantly.

  • Home Users will find you in our system for private jobs, employment agencies will be able to source you by matching a required skill set, as well as miscellaneous other companies and organisations that may be interested in your services as a Trade Person.

  • To ensure we find you work, Require A Trade invests a lot of capital into advertising. Our marketing and public relations team work in various areas of media and advertising, they are ready to fill up all vacant jobs and put your free hours to use- effectively and of course profitably.

  • We will help you find additional work to your current employment, but will also give you the opportunities to switch from a current job that no longer satisfies your requirements

  • Our project that is now in the form of this website was created and shaped by specialists of various professions who have worked in many fields, therefore we have a massive advantage in the form of experience over similar companies, we can guarantee to find you a job without fearing about competitors.

  • For your privacy and confidentiality, all of our data is private and expertly controlled. You will choose which details you provide us with, and what can be seen by others. All the information you provide us with when registered is and will always be completely confidential and inaccessible to others users and third parties.
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